*****Due to Covid & inflation- prices may vary on items

Breakfast Tacos $1.99-3.05

(Served until 11am)

Bacon/egg (2.35)





Pan Sausage/egg

Barbacoa ($3.o5)

Breakfast Burritos$6.50

Coffee $1.85

Lunch & Dinner Tacos $2.35-3.05

(Served from 11am-closing)


Beef Fajita ($3.05) ***price may vary due to covid-19

Chicken Fajita

Carne Guisada($3.05)


Chicharron in salsa


Picadillo ($3.05) 

Mini Taco Plate (4) $6.50

(includes 1  meat choice  above, grilled onions & 1 Pepper)


(includes 1 meat choice above, beans,cheese,pico de gallo)

Taco Bowls-$7.00

(includes 1 meat choice above, rice, beans,lettuce, tomato,cheese)


( includes 32oz menudo and 2 tortillas of your choice)

Tortas $7.30

(includes 1 meat choice above,lettuce, tomato,beans, and avocado)

Carne Guisada  $9.99lb

Barbacoa & Carnitas $7.99lb

Quesadillas $2.99-$6.00

(your 1 meat choice above and cheese)


(includes 1 meat choice above, beans, cilantro, & onion)

Lunch Burritos $7.30

(includes, beans, choice of meat above, rice, pico, & cheese)

Lunch & Dinner Plates $7.30

(Served Monday-Sunday 11am-closing)

Served with 1 choice of meat above, rice/beans & 2 tortillas of your choice

Fajitas by the Pound Meals

(Served with rice/beans, pico, salsa & 6 tortillas of your choice)

Chicken- $19.99

Mixed- $20.99

Beef- $21.99

Fajitas by the Pound

Chicken- $10.99

Mixed- $12.99

Beef- $13.99


Rice- $1.50-4.50

Beans- $1.50-4.50

Pico de gallo- $1.50-5.00

Salsa- $1.50-5.00

Fruit Cups-$5.00 (seasonal)

Chips & Queso-$8.99(12oz cup of queso)

Homemade Flour & Corn Tortillas

.35 cents each

3 for $ 1.00

1 dozen (Corn or Flour)- $4.00

Catering and Prices


(includes choice of meat, rice, beans, & 2 tortillas per person.)

Individual Breakfast Tacos-2.35-3.50** depending on tacos

Individual Lunch Tacos-2.50-3.50 **beef choices are 3.05 and subject to change

Mini Taco trays 20 tacos -35.00

Trays of Rice, Beans, & Salsa

Small Trays-20.00 (15-25 people)

Large Trays-40.00 (25-50 people)

* price is per tray of each item above individually

All Catering orders include salsa and fixings.

Aluminum trays are provided for catering, warmers are not included.

Call 281-359-0129 for any questions on catering. Deposit is required on catering orders.